Some more neat things

There are some pretty nice subtleties that come with this Vote Word approach. For example –

Do your own re-count

The election officials who design the “Check your vote here” web sites around the country could easily design the sites so that you can download that list of how everyone voted. Then, you can count the votes yourself! For example, let’s say that your friend lost an election to the Board of Education by only 6 votes. You might want to call all known supporters of your friend and encourage them to check their Vote Word (you never know!). Then, you could do your own re-count by downloading the results to a spreadsheet.

All the power – and the responsibility – is placed in the voters’ hands.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about the accuracy of electronic voting booths, if you suspect fraud, incompetence or simple human error – then seeing your vote and recounting every vote cast (by downloading them, as described above) means that your vote, at least, was counted correctly and the totals are reported correctly. You can no longer say, “I still don’t trust the system” because your vote got there. If you think others may have gotten cheated, then it’s incumbent on them to check their Vote Word – just as it’s incumbent on them to vote in the first place.