Take a look: here’s how everyone voted….

Once your vote is recorded (along with the randomly assigned Vote Word) you can go to the Web to find out if your vote really got recorded as you intended. Using our example from the Here’s How it Works page, you look where you voted (the elementary school in Carlton City). Let’s say your Vote Word was “house”. Everyone’s vote is listed alphabetically by Vote Word. You were the only person who received the word “house” at the elementary school. Even though you can see everyone’s vote, no one knows your Vote Word – just as you don’t know anyone else’s. So check your vote, call your friends and tell them to check theirs and – while you’re at it – count all the votes!

Election for United States Representative
Voteword Voted for
City of Carlton
Fire Station
apple John Jones
cat John Jones
dog Sally Smith
drizzle John Jones
zebra Sally Smith
Elementary School
ant Sally Smith
apple John Jones
desk Sally Smith
house Sally Smith < Your vote
Town of Fortitude
City Hall
add Sally Jones
gopher John Smith
house John Smith
little Sally Jones
zebra Sally Jones
Fortitude Middle School
butter John Smith
crumb Sally Jones
house John Smith
zebra John Smith

You can see that some Vote Words were issued at more than one voting location (“house”, for example). This is perfectly okay, because the only “house” you’re interested in is the one at the elementary school in Carlton City. And notice that everyone’s vote is out there to see. Why not? You have no idea who “gopher”, “little” or “crumb” are – just as no one knows that you are “house”.