There is a surprisingly simple way to see if your vote was recorded and counted. It involves the use of a “Vote Word”. Here’s how it works:

After you cast your vote, the electronic voting booth says:

“Thank you for voting! Your Vote Word is… house”

That simple word, “house”, is then recorded in the computer’s memory along with your ballot selection(s). No one else gets that word at your polling location. No one knows what your word is, just as you don’t know anyone else’s Vote Word.

Later, at home, you get on the Web, look up your polling location and scroll through everyone’s votes. You’ll see, listed alphabetically, the word “house” – along with your vote. You confirm that your selections were recorded correctly – and you can even check again if there’s a re-count.

Imagine being able to look up your vote – and to personally count all the votes in a local election. Now think how that would eliminate doubts about our voting process.

If you’re excited about this simple solution, I would ask you to tell someone about it. Anyone: a friend, a politician, a talk-show host, an activist. Before you know it, your state or county will be giving you the ability to look up your vote on the web.

Please explore this site – especially the “How it works” section – which may answer a lot of your questions.

And please do let me know what you think.